A project of personal significance

NykoI received a request for a bid on a project that was for doggie wheelchairs. You know me, anything dog related and I’m in. But as I read the post I realized that I know this company – it is the company that I bought Nyko’s (my 13 year old german shepherd, who passed away last June) wheelchair from! And immediately my thoughts are drawn back to that photo I took the evening before he passed. He got to ride in his chair for the last time and despite the pain he must have felt he looked handsome and happy. He looked SO ALIVE (just look at that smile!). It’s one of my favorite pictures of him. And while it might make others sad to see an old dog in a contraption, it makes me smile. I remember the daily conversations I had with him as I lifted him out to do his business, how I told him I would get him up and moving again. I stroked his fur, kissed his head, and looked into those eyes that looked back at me with an expression that said

Best Friends Wheelchairs

“Alright, Mom! You’re the greatest!” And I will NEVER forget the twinkle of happiness I saw in his eyes when he was able to get up and get moving again. That puppy spirit shone through and I could see he was happy and thankful.

So when I won the bid on this project it was one I looked forward to enjoying. There was an extra feeling of satisfaction when the job was done. Maybe this project found it’s way to me as a means for Nyko to send a hello my way… a little reminder that he thinks of me too… if you believe in that kind of stuff 😉 Or maybe he wanted to be a “model” for me again (he’s appeared in probably dozens of projects I have created over the years :)…) Whatever the how/what/why, this project was one of great personal significance. A welcome walk down memory lane, and I’m thankful for that trip.

PS. Know someone who’s pooch needs a chair? The company is Best Friend Mobility, you know I’d recommend them!