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Designing Since (Almost) Birth

Khrystyne - Graphic DesignerI have been an artist for as long as I can remember… it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. From the time I could hold a crayon I’ve created, and early on I discovered my particular love of commercial art. The challenge of composition, the beauty of letterforms, manipulation of imagery and the theory of light and color. It’s still interesting to me, even after all these years.

My parents always said that if you do what you love it won’t feel much like work. That is the truth. I approach every project with energy and enthusiasm because it’s hard to become burnt out when you are having fun! My passion can be your success!

Since graduating with honors from Syracuse University’s prestigious School of Visual of Performing Arts program, I’ve had the pleasure of working at many agencies as a graphic designer, large and small. I’ve taught graphic design at a college level. And I’ve worked on the account liaison side of the business directing artists and working with clients. I’ve been a freelancer for 20+ years with freelancing as my full time focus now for more than a decade. In this time, I have fine tuned my processes for creating effective work, as well as improving my skills of collaborating with clients and understanding each ones unique needs.

In 2011, I co-founded Seven Thirteen Creative Inc. with my equally talented husband, Adam D. Smith, who is a graphic designer, art director, and illustrator. This new chapter has been a great blessing, allowing us to earn a living doing what we love, while also building and enjoying our life together. I’m fortunate and honored to be on this journey with Adam, and eternally grateful to all of the clients who help make this dream possible.

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