How Work Can Feel Like A Vacation

Several months ago I received a project that although not easy, has easily taken me back through one of my favorite vacations of a lifetime. And the return trip has been amazing…

In my opinion, one of the most beautiful places on earth is the caribbean. More specifically, St John. And more specifically than that, Caneel Bay.

As I embarked on several projects for Virgin Islands Ecotours, and saw the beautiful photography the client had, I began to day dream… a walk down memory lane… I could almost feel the sand in my toes and the warm breeze in my hair. I recalled the music I heard, the meals I ate, even the clothes I wore. Not to mention special moments of dolphins, and the rain…and a special bottle of champagne… just to mention a few.

Virgin Island EcoTours

I’d be happy to work with this client long term. Not only are they a pleasure to work with and the subject matter is inspiring… but it’s beyond that. The nostalgia it conjures for me really refreshes me… like a vacation.

Thanks Sybille 😉