Making A Special Moment Even More Memorable

Couple DrawingRecently a client of mine with whom I’ve done many fun projects came to me with something really interesting. He was about to ask his girlfriend to marry him and wanted a piece of art to be a part of the proposal event. As an avid music and art fan he had an idea to combine one of his favorite songs (which has a proposal feel) with an image of a man proposing to a woman.

As a way to achieve that we chose a basic shape for the man and woman and I hand lettered the lyrics of the song inside the shape. From an artist standpoint this was a really fun project to work on. I haven’t really done artistic doodling since my days of long lecture halls in college 🙂

The process involved in creating this graphic began with placing the basic shape under a piece of drawing paper and sketching the lyrics to work out the size and shape of the words and how they best fit into the graphic. Once the sketch worked I went over my pencil lines with a fine point marker. Next I took my hand drawn graphic and placed a piece of vellum over it. I used a fine point architect pen to ink my final lines onto the vellum. I scanned the final artwork then used the trace feature in Illustrator to hep turn it into a vector graphic. The vector graphic was cleaned up, simplified, and then placed into the poster design.