What is My Niche?

shapeimage_1 (1)Some designers equate their niche to what they do the most work in. For me that is probably logo design. But as I build my own brand there are a few “sectors” that I hope to specialize in simply because they are the most enjoyable to me on a personal level. Many times when a project of these themes come my way I place my bid whether it is a logo, brochure, trade show graphic, calendar – whatever – knowing I’m going to enjoy it.

First of all, I LOVE DOGS. My last puppyboy went everywhere with me – he was even the ring bearer at my wedding. I currently have a 1 year old german shepherd pup named Brodie – and even as I write this I have one hand

typing while the other plays tug-a-rope. And guess what? I love your dog too. Big, small, short, tall, furry, bristly, cute and cuddly to almost ugly… I love them all. I do a lot of dog related projects and I work with a lot of dog-lovin people – kindred spirits. I pretty much consider my client’s dog as part of the family too and love to see pictures and hear how they are doing. This is something that I hope continues to grow throughout my freelance career. It just puts a big smile on my face while I’m working, and who wouldn’t want that?!

Another sector I am passionate about is eco-friendly/eco-conscious/green/sustainability projects. Whether you recycle old things, build/sell resource conservation things, or just educate on ways to preserve a piece of the world, I enjoy your story and are inspired by your efforts. Inspiration drives great design.

One more theme that I seem to attract a lot of and enjoy doing the work is women related projects – whether it be women-owned, women-geared, or women-promoted. Helping women cancer survivors, helping abused women, helping women get pregnant, helping women networks, I enjoy helping other women do what it is they want to achieve.

Now, if you don’t fall into one of these categories don’t think I’m not enjoying you and your project too. At this point in my career I don’t take on work unless it is something I feel I am well suited for and would enjoy. Each project I accept has piqued my personal interest in some way (wine anyone?). I like to keep work fun, it’s good to love what you do, why go back to loathing mondays again?