My sweet puppyboy had spinal surgery…and we could really use your help!

BrodieBeen awhile since I’ve had a chance to get on here and write a post! Crazy year with the family schedules and building up 713 Creative. Busy doesn’t quite cover it really.

Definitely my friends and family – but also many of my clients know I’m a dog lover. My last dog Nyko is featured throughout other posts, but Brodie is my newest pup. He’s 3 years old and about as big and dopey as a shepherd can be 🙂 He’s a lover not a fighter, a cuddler not a runner, he’s my foot warmer, and a good brother and son. A few months ago he started yipping when going up stairs. He stopped getting into bed with me (yes, my feet froze), and he just acted like an old man. We took him to the vet, tried different medicines, had xrays done, and then an MRI. The results showed a very badly herniated disk. Poor Brodie must have been in excruciating pain even though he’d only show a yip now and then. My poor baby! There really wasn’t any choice – meds didn’t help, and I couldn’t imagine putting our son down. So we scraped together all we could from every account and card we have and got him the surgery. The surgeon said afterwards that it was a very good thing we did it, that he was in excruciating pain and wouldn’t have lasted long without it. With it he is expected to live a very long and happy life!

Brodie Puppy

So, the surgery went very well and my tough little guy was able to get up and walk with a little support and go to the bathroom the next day. We saw him in the hospital and he cried and cried at us…so sad, but we love him so much. A few days later he was able to come home. We’ve been babying him with lots of hugs and kisses and treats. A couple of weeks past surgery and he’s able to get some good walks around the block now. He’s made lots of new friends along the way 🙂 Lucky for him he gets to hang out in the studio with us all day while we work 🙂 so he gets constant company while he heals. He has another month of leash controlled walks and no running and jumping, then he can slowly start to work up to normal stuff again. But he’s already got a twinkle in his eye, he gets excited like the 3 year old puppy he is and we have to calm him down. It’s great to see him so happy and feeling better!

As you might imagine, the cost of surgery is incredible – it could take us many years to pay this off. We’ve set up a fundraiser (and have done yard sales) to help raise money. Anything you can do to donate or spread the word is very much appreciated! This is a story that will have a happy ending!

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